A network state where ideas and value flow freely

We believe that open crypto-economic networks will continue to enable new models of capital formation to empower founders and early stakeholders to come together to create network effects in novel ways. Network is an open and alternative model to existing funding mechanisms such as venture capital.

Frontiers Worth Exploring

Network is made up of nodes within the cypherpunk universe of cryptoeconomics, longevity and governance.


The frontier of finance: from decentralized financial markets to a tokenized world.


The frontier of the mind: from brain-machine interfaces to anti-aging science. 


The frontier of governance: from charter cities to self-governing virtual worlds.


These are the areas that we provide value in for networks, startups and firms around the world.


Connecting you with sources of capital and the right investors.


Linking you to the right stakeholders, helping with hires.


Helping you grow your community organically.


Helping you overcome legal obstacles and connecting you to legal talent.


Helping you to reframe your problems and make smart choices.


Helping you with technical and development issues.

The network on which the sun never sets

Our HQ is in California with bases in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We also have satellite offices in New York, London, Berlin and Singapore.

A Tale of Two Architects

In order to keep Network free and open to the public over the long run, we decided to create two structures to keep operations sustainable.


An open, non-profit foundation to foster Network's long-term goal of a self-governing network state.


A private, for-profit company to connect founders and future stakeholders with the mandate of supporting Network.